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The future of shopping


• Retail is dead; long live retail
• We will buy 50% of everything we buy online
• And market places will own 50% of the retail space

How will consumers shop in 2020 and beyond? This is the central research question of a continuous research program in which more than 1.000 retail experts across 30 groups worked together. The Ecommerce Foundation, presents the highlights of this study taking into account changing consumer behavior, new technological developments and the rise of the global market places. The presentation will be concluded with concrete strategic alternatives for retailers to re-position themselves for the global retail market space.

Mr. Prof. Drs. Jorij Abraham BBA,

Jorij Abraham has been part of the international eCommerce community since 1997. He has been manager e-commerce at Bijenkorf (an upmarket department store chain), TUI (Europe’s largest travel organization), online publisher at Sanoma Media (the largest media company in the Benelux) and Director of Consulting as Unic (an Europe wide e-commerce strategy & implementation firm). In parallel to these activities he (fellow) founded two companies, eVentures Europe and vZine. From 2013 – 2017 he has been Director of Research & Advise at Thuiswinkel.org (the Dutch Ecommerce Association) and Ecommerce Europe (the European Ecommerce Association with 25.000+ members in 18 countries). He now is Managing Director of the Ecommerce Foundation, a research institute offering practical ecommerce research for 35+ Ecommerce Associations world wide. He is also e-commerce professor at the University of Applies Sciences, TIO.

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Omni-channel explained

Omni-channel: current status - who is doing what?

Mr. Jack Oortwijn

For over 20 years now he is the editor in chief of the international trade journal Bike Europe while he started his career in the bicycle business at Tweewieler in 1985. As an editor he is able to follow closely whatever is happening in the bicycle industry worldwide. In the eighties of the last century he witnessed the start of sourcing components in the Far East which has grown since tremendously. Now 30 years later, an outright change of mind is taking place at the biggest bicycle producers in Europe.

What Omni-channel brings to (online) retailing

Mr. Matt Gordin

Matt Gordin is CEO and Director of BikeExchange.com, part of the world’s biggest online marketplace for everything bike. Winner of multiple business awards including the highly coveted Telstra Australian Business of the Year, BikeExchange enables bike stores to classify online the products they sell, as well as run fully-supported commerce sites from the BikeExchange platform. Their presence on BikeExchange helps generate emails and phone enquiries, enables customers to ‘click & collect’ and ultimately assists stores to drive more sales. Now based in the US, Matt comes from a family and career steeped in the cycling industry. For over a decade Matt ran various retail outlets, included two years steering the helm of the largest bicycle franchise group in Australia. A chartered accountant, Matt’s financial background and retail experience has enabled rapid growth for BikeExchange US, which now features over 360 bikes shops from around the country selling more than 82,000 products.

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What Omni-channel brings to manufacturing


  • It’s all about the surface
  • Holacracy model
  • The road ahead

A complete solution provider. Approach is technology based – pretreatment, equipment, liquid/powder, decaling, top coat. Collaboration of top European producers guarantees stable, efficient and environmentally friendly production processes suited for the European bike market. The bike sppot competence center unites the R&D efforts of the platform partners and allows customers to specify their colour trends combined with the best technology possibilities.

Mr. Yavor Peshev

Yavor Peshev has been working in the powder coating industry more than 15 years. In 2005 he started cooperating with TIGER coatings, as an exclusive representative for the Bulgarian market of the global powder coating producer. Over the years he and his team expanded their activities to Greece, Romania and Macedonia. Working in one of the hottest European bike manufacturing locations – Bulgaria & Romania - he focused on the bike industry. Growing together with the biggest local producers he is taking a major role in the development of their surface technology processes. In 2014 he started developing the concept of the bike sppot platform – a one stop shop where all bike and sporting goods producers can benefit from the compatibility of different technologies. The bike sppot platform was created in 2016 and Yavor Peshev is its managing director. He is also key account manager of TIGER Coatings Europe for the bike industry.

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When thinking about omni-channel, don't think outside the box


  • The way we look at omni-channel is inherently wrong
  • Opportunities of omni-channel
  • Brands must adopt effective strategies to deal with pricing transparency

The way we look at omni-channel is inherently wrong. As long as we keep addressing omni-channel as a ‘challenge’, we are failing to see the opportunity. Even the term ‘omni-channel’ inhibits our thinking and diminishes the returns on the opportunity. I believe we live in a golden age of brands connecting with consumers. The job to be done for brands is aligning their organisations and channel partners with the wants and needs of the consumer of today and tomorrow. While in transition, brands must adopt effective strategies to deal with pricing transparency, channel alignment (offline and online), people and culture issues and operational process implications.

Mr. Drs. Matthijs J. Rosman, MBA

Matthijs Rosman is a partner and growth entrepreneur at RevelX. He has two decades of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and service. His work with his clients ranges from deploying the newest in digital possibilities to breakthrough ways to improve commercial results. Continuously looking for growth opportunities. Familiar in B2B and B2C, both for startups and corporates. Frequently invited as speaker, chairman or expert. For over four years associated with e-commerce Europe as chairman of the Omni-Channel Organization expert panel.



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